Types of Sectional Sofa Based on Design

Among the various sofa types, the sectional sofa is one of the most popular and the best sofa type since its design is quite flexible for the conventional or modern look. However, although the sectional sofa brings certain excitements for some person, the others may not feel the same. It is because the sectional sofa is commonly manufactured to occupy a rather big space in a room. If you are looking to buy the best sofa bed, these top quality sectional sofas are one good option. Therefore, it is important to know the size and the design of sectional sofa that will not cause the unbalance in your room.

Sofa PiecesBest sectional sofa

According to the sofa pieces, there are several types of them.

  • Recliner

The recliner seat is usually added to the loveseat sofa or a sofa to make them longer. The recliner seat can have one or two arms.

  • Chair

This sofa piece is usually also being the additional part of the sofa. However, it usually has no backing or arm. The chair can also be used as a separate piece in the home decoration.

  • Loveseat

This term may you have heard before. The loveseat can have arm or armless and it is very appropriate for the small room.

  • Sofa bed

The sofa bed has multifunction as the sofa itself and when the bed is unfolded you can sleep on there. Because it’s multifunction, the sofa bed is often used in the home with a simplistic design. the owner wants to save the room size by folding the bed when it is not used. The sofa usually has two arms or even no arm. The bed commonly comes in queen size.

  • Drop down table

This sofa piece is one of the unique designs of the sofa. The drop down table has the back cushion in the center that can be folded.

Types of arms

The sofa arms are also interesting to discuss. This part may not be the main concern in purchasing sofa design. however, actually, the arms of sofa also make a difference in sofa look and interior atmosphere. For example, the track arm is more appropriate in the room for more formal purposes, yet it is also applicable for the home. Then, the flared arm is better for the living room for its casual design. In the following, there are several types of the arm for the sofa.

  • Round arm

The round arm is a very common design we can found. It has tube-like shaped arms on the both side of a sofa.

  • Armless

The armless sofa is actually also quite fashionable. We can see this in many simple modern home interior.

  • Recessed arm

The recessed arm means the sofa arms that do not reach the edge of the sofa.

  • Flared arm

The flared arm sofa has a very cozy design. it is very appropriate to be put on the fireplace or tv.

  • Pillow top arm

If you want to stretch your legs or laying on the sofa, the attachable cushion of pillow top arm is very recommended.

  • Track arm

Reverse to the recessed arm, the track arm has extended arms out of the sofa edge.